Hydrogeology of the Dry Zone - Central Myanmar

Dr Leonard Drury presents a revision and update of the status of groundwater within the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar. The report covers the geographical, climatological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical regimes which affect groundwater availability.

The future of groundwater is dependent on communities working with professionals who can monitor its quality and the quantity extracted from the aquifers.

Clean water is vital to the health and livelihood of all communities within Myanmar and especially in the Dry Zone where water is scarce for most months of the year. The report, together with the detailed maps and cross sections of the 11 designated areas studied, will allow groundwater practitioners to make better choices when planning and implementing drilling programs.


Hydrogeology of the Dry Zone, Central Myanmar


  • Bachelor of Science, University of New South Wales
  • PhD, Hydrogeology, University of NSW
  • Diploma Hydrology, University of NSW
  • Certificate: Contaminated Water Treatment, USA


Dr Drury has worked in government for 14 years and 35 years as an international consultant. He has worked on major urban, village, refugee and irrigation water supplies; mining, environmental and litigation projects in 50 countries within South-east, South and Central Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Middle East, the Americas, United Kingdom and all states of Australia. Clients include private, government, bilateral agencies (AusAID), lending institutions (ADB, World Bank) and religious organisations.


  • Diploma of Teaching, Wollongong College of Advanced Education


Janet taught in schools and colleges (Australia, Myanmar and Indonesia). She has proof read and edited major technical project reports in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and South Sudan.


  • Groundwater and Data Management Baseline Assessment, State of Basin Assessment for the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin (AIRBM), Myanmar. Client: Myanmar Government and World Bank
  • Hydrogeology of the Dry Zone, Central Myanmar. Client: Australian Water Partnership / AusAID
  • North-west Village Water Supply, Sanitation, HIV/AIDS Project, Myanmar. Client: The Salvation Army
  • Burma Village Water Supply Project, Central Myanmar. Client: AusAID
  • Mandalay City Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Central Myanmar.  Client:  ADB
  • Groundwater Irrigation 1 Project, Myanmar. Client: World Bank
  • Mandalay City Water Supply, Central Myanmar. Client: Asia Development Bank
  • Taung Zin Piped Water Supply Project, Central Myanmar. Client: AusAID
  • Water Supplies for Petroleum Industry, Myanmar. Client: Various International Oil/Gas Companies.
  • Strategic Hydropower, Power and Water Sectoral Environmental and Social Assessment of the Indus River Basin, Pakistan, Client: Ministry of Water and Power.
  • Feasibility Studies and ESIAs – Bahr-el Jebel Hydropower Project, Southern Sudan, Client: Dams Implementation Unit, Federal Government of The Sudan.
  • Reko Diq Copper/Gold Deposit, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Balochistan, Pakistan. Client: Barrick Mining, Antafogasta, Tethyan Copper Company.
  • Iraq War Reparation Fund – Groundwater Model Kuwait Client: Government of Kuwait Peer Reviewer
  • Cuu Long Delta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Vietnam. Client: AusAID.
  • Quetta Water Supply (Engineering) and Sanitation Project, Project Design, Pakistan. Client: ADB.
  • Mekong Delta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Vietnam. Client: AusAID.
  • Niue Water Supply and Waste Management, Niue. Client: AusAID.
  • Aititaki Water Supply Project Implementation, Cook Islands. Client: AusAID.
  • Hebei Watershed Management and Livestock Production Project, China. Client: AusAID
  • Solomon Islands Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Client: AusAID.
  • Kebon Melati Development Study, CBD, Jakarta. Gajah Tunggal. Client: AusAID.
  • Spring City Water Supply, Kunming, China. Client: Singapore Govt and Kunming State Government.
  • East Timor Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Indonesia. Client: AusAID.
  • Five City Water Supply Project, Viet Nam. Client: AusAID.
  • Water Supply to Rehabilitation Centres, Guatemala. Client: Ejercito De Salvacion.
  • Water Supply to Refugee Camps, Somalia. Client: United Nations.
  • Northern Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Development Project, Laos. Client: ADB.
  • SCARP Transition Project, North Rohri Pilot Irrigation Project, Punjab Province and Moro Irrigation Project, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Client: World Bank.
  • Private Tubewell Development Project, Dera Ghazi Khan and Thal Doabs, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Client: World Bank.
  • Island Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Vanuatu. Client: AusAID.
  • Irian Jaya Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Indonesia. Client: AusAID / World Bank.
  • Kota Bumi Water Supply, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Client: AusAID.
  • Phulbari Coal Project, Dinajpur, northwest Bangladesh Client: Asia Energy Corporation (Bangladesh).


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